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Monterey Meditation Group with Father Keating

In February 2006, Monterey Meditation Group caught up with Father Thomas Keating at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco. Left to right: Janet Hoffman, (Back row) Joseph Cotham, Father Keating, Diana Brown, John Larson, (Front row) Diana Adams, Susan Raab, Paula Westdahl, and Hei Takerabe. St. Gregory is the one with the halo.

Monterey Meditation Group is a fellowship of Christians committed to contemplative prayer as an avenue to experiencing and learning more about God and about ourselves. We support each other in our spiritual practice, enrich each other by sharing our experiences, and strengthen each other with education and encouragement.

Although we are Christians, we have been privileged to welcome (and some of us have experienced the faith traditions of) Buddhists, Hindus, Zen Christians, Zen Buddhists, Shinto, Jews, Quakers, Twelve Step, Course in Miracles and more. We simply hold a place open for all to meditate in the way they are called, and delight in learning more about the spiritual journey from all perspectives.

We hope you will join us in this learning about silent prayer and how it can deepen your relationship with God.

Meditation Leader: Dr. Heihachiro Takarabe

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Janet Hoffman