March/April 2013

Meditation Opportunities

Thursday evenings at 1st Presbyterian 

We will meet for meditation on all Thursdays in April and May from 7:00 – 9:00 pm in the fellowship hall. Our format for the first hour is two 20-minute periods of sitting in silence with a 10 minute walking meditation in between.  For the second hour, we are practicing group contemplative listening.  We listen to a short reading from a contemplative author or poet, sit together for a period of silence, and share our reflections with the group.  This is a wonderful way to practice deep listening to each other.  All are welcome to join us at any time.

Tuesday evenings at Hei’s house

Hei has opened his house to those who would like to join him for meditation from 6:00pm – 6:30pm on Tuesdays.  It is one half hour of sitting meditation.    Please call him at 899-4845 for directions and to let him know that you are coming so he can prepare a place for you.

April Retreat Day

          Saturday, April 27, 2013   9:00 am – 4:00 pm                                                        In the Fellowship Hall


The Universal Call to Contemplation

A Presentation and Workshop by Fr. Cyprian Consiglio, O.S.B. Cam.

During this Saturday retreat, Fr. Cyprian will draw new insights about the interior way from the foundational teachings of Jesus, St. Paul and the desert fathers, as well as from the Universal Wisdom that is contained and articulated in other great spiritual traditions. The day will include meditation, music and chanting, sacred reading, teaching, prayer and discussion.

Fr. Cyprian Consiglio, O.S.B. Cam. Cyprian Consiglio is a monk of the Camaldolese Congregation, musician, composer, writer and teacher. Much of both his music and his teaching revolve around the Universal Call to Contemplation through spirituality and the arts. A student of the writings of Bede Griffiths and Abhishiktananda, Cyprian has a great love for comparative religion, has done work in inter-faith ritual and world music, and regularly leads conferences on meditation, He has written numerous articles and a book, Prayer in the Cave of the  Heart: The Universal Call to Contemplation, for Liturgical Press. Fr. Cyprian is known for his soulful voice and engaging, multi-faceted perspective on the spiritual journey, which has made him a favorite retreat leader in Monterey.

Suggested donation is $30.  Please bring a sack lunch.  All levels of meditation experience are welcome.

To reserve a space please contact Janet at 831-484-1686 or

Upcoming Events

Ongoing                                    Hei’s Tai Chi class at Oldemeyer

Center (Tu/Thur at 10:30 am)

May 25                                      MMG Retreat Day

June 29                                     MMG Retreat Day

July 27                                      MMG Retreat Day

Oct. 18/19                                Save the Date for Retreat with

Ruben Habito

Summary of February Retreat Day

February’s retreat was an extended day of Zen sitting.  We had two sessions of sitting (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) of three 25-minute meditations with walking in between.

The focus of Rev. Hei’s teaching was the Kanzeon Sutra.  This is a chant used in Zen practice.  “Kanzeon” or “Kannon” is the Japanese name for the Bodhisattva of Compassion.   The name Kanzeon can be translated as “one who listens to the world”.  For Hei this chant has been beneficial in his mediation practice, as it has helped him listen to his own self with compassion.  With practice, we can begin the journey to see our true selves; that part of us within who listens to the world and has qualities of purity and joy that never end.  In this chant, Buddha represents the enlightened one within us who listens to the suffering of the world.  This teaching shares that this Mind of compassion is available at all times and at every moment.

Historically, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, “Avalokiteshvara” was an Indian figure of masculine form.  When Buddhism arrived in China, the Chinese people regarded compassion as a feminine quality and portrayed the Bodhisattva of Compassion as “Kwan Yin”.

Kanzeon continued as a feminine figure in Japan.  Some scholars believe that the resemblance of Kanzeon to the Blessed Virgin of Christianity may not be a coincidence.  Asian artists may have been inspired by early missionary paintings of Mary.

In closing, 

Kanzeon Sutra

Kanzeon, One with Buddha

Directly Buddha

Indirectly Buddha

One with Buddha, Dharma, Sangha

Pure, Joyful, True Self, Eternal

Morning Mind Kanzeon

Evening Mind Kanzeon

This Very Moment Mind Kanzeon

Never let it go

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